A literary analysis of much as it happened one night

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Capra's film was a combination of many ideals, emotions and social perceptions of the American society of the thirties but it was also a combination of many new and innovative filming techniques and sound advancements.

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A literary analysis of much as it happened one night

As the bus lurches forward while she is obstinately putting her own bag up in the rack, she is thrown into his lap. In an impulsive moment and possibly to spite her father, she has just married in name only a worthless playboy, King Westley Jameson Thomas , a fortune-hunting, ne'er-do-well celebrity aviator. Griffith silent shorts she appeared in between and At that time films were introduced with backstories and trivia similar to what the fabulous, TCM still does today. It Happened One Night features a great cast at the top of their game. The fighting and struggles between the two main characters showed the man taking care of the woman, the social norms of how men and woman should act around each other in that era. Andrews Mr. So if it's just the same to you - scram. She escapes the clutches of her father and sets out for New York to be reunited with her husband. It never failed, did it? She slowly falls in love with him and by the end, is leaving King at the altar to go and be reunited with Peter, a man who both respects her and challenges her. Mayer had suddenly gone all milk-of-human-kindness but because Gable was on the rise and making noises about wanting more money. When the film starts, she's on a "hunger strike," according to the jailers her father employs. Later, he recognizes Ellie from the newspaper, and talks to Peter about wanting to turn her in to the authorities and splitting the reward money.

The Depression was about to enter year five, millions of people were still on the road looking for work, and a bus was much cheaper than a train. Peter deliberately misses the bus too, reacquainting himself: Remember me?

Her small briefcase is stolen with all her money in it except four dollars.

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You're in a jam and all you can think of is your money. Reviews were mostly good, but attendance in big cities dropped steeply in the second week, and it was pulled. It Happened One Night, morality and relationships for the ages.

She knocks away her father's fork with a piece of steak on itoverturns his tray of food all over the floor, and he reacts by slapping her - she is surprised. The biggest scoop of the year just dropped in my lap.

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The biggest scoop of the year just dropped in my lap. As they impersonate conjugal strife all too plausibly can it be that we get a glimpse into their much later married life? Surely this meant the public might find a pleasing identification with bus riders on-screen. The bus takes off without her when she returns twenty minutes late. One of his greatest. Sign in to vote. But a few scenes later, we see her reluctantly chowing down, raw carrot in hand. She is determined to escape detection and join her husband to spite her father after a night bus ride from Miami, Florida to New York. Ellie chooses Peter, then, not simply in order to escape from her father's constraints. Whatever the reason, as with so much else in classic film, it turned out to add oodles of fun to the story, characters and enhances several scenes, including the last shot in the film.

They fall in love.

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Morality and Relationships, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT