A look at the life of a brilliant engineer and organizer george b mcclellan

It was an obsession, a fixation. But the result was strategically a failure, and General Henry W. At fifteen, McClellan was actually too young to become a cadet at West Pointbut the school made an exception to its age rule for him. McClellan was so reluctant to move against the Confederate Army was that he always believed he was outnumbered.

He told one of his generals, "He is an able general but a very cautious one. A growing familiarity with his history as a soldier increased the disposition to regard him with respect and gratitude.

That does not mean that this officer, Colonel George H. He was the third of five children born to George McClellan, a doctor and founder of a medical school, and his wife, Elizabeth Brinton McClellan.

Soon after the first Bull Run disaster he was summoned to Washington, and the Union hailed him as chieftain and preserver. It was a remarkable achievement, in which he came to personify the Army of the Potomac and reaped the adulation of his men.

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Sears shows how spectacularly McClellan failed the country and the army that he genuinely loved. The general countered by saying the army needed time to rest and refit.

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