A report on marxism leninism as a political theory

The educational system imparts the social norms for a self-disciplined and self-fulfilling way of life, by which the socialist citizens establish the social order necessary for realizing a communist society. They accept none of our criticisms of that pamphlet and do not agree that it was one-sided.

Many, like Trotsky, could not even understand the revolutionary relationship of the proletariat in these societies with the peasantry.

BACU believes that correct communist mass work depends on paying attention to both sides, i. It still refers to these countries as socialist.

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Now that they have resigned, our attitude towards them has not changed. Armed struggle was the main form of revolution in China. Unless we are the leaders of the day to day struggle, they argue, we should de-emphasize the development of our independent presence and authority.

In essence this is just a defense of religion. They are mutually interdependent and must go together. Events since the publication of that pamphlet have caused us to reconsider our views. On every issue, they fear that support for revolutionary and progressive, democratic, anti-imperialist movements, is nothing but a disguised abandonment of the class struggle, the struggle for socialism.

Nonetheless, the League is revisionist, and has nothing in common with the communist movement today.

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