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It was a mother anteater, she had a baby anteater clawed on her back, frightened by the continuous barking from Mikey. I am not talking about doctors here. Maya was constantly praying and concealing her distress. People who save lives,who are in the light of this world,or people who save lives and are bent into darkness? Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. He said that the burgular was disguised as a workman and stole any thing he got a chance to steal. She snoozed the phone and texted her mom that everything is fine. With terrifying eyes I saw the front paws of the animal curving into a boxing position towards my dog.

Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them. It was there on one of my visits that I first saw wild animals roaming the savannahs. It was a normal Saturday morning. I know,because I was saved by one.

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With immense relief, I ran over and gave her a big hug. After that he hobbled slowly outside and let go of me. Then I was put carelessly into a dark hole. All four of them came forward and surrounded the rickshaw from the front side. My mind hardly lets me settle. Fortunately, when the plane exploded, they were some distance away. From today you will be always in my prayers. At that moment I was spat out hurriedly and put back onto the disgusting, greazy hand once again. Some passengers prayed while the others closed their eyes in silence. He called her one more time to instruct her to stay at Airport only. I owe this life to you as anything could have happened. All the men had covered their face with a shawl. Maya now feared for her dignity and Life as anything could happen now He could see the buildings and people on the ground getting smaller and smaller.

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As they were leaving the scene, the aeroplane burst into flames. Billy was afraid so his parents comforted him. Mum brought me for an even bigger treat. I saw picture of a girl on his desk. I ran towards the road without thinking of anything. Exhausted, at the end of my breath, I looked around for some sort of weapon to defend myself. They reached the International Airport around am in the night. Maya closed her eyes and pulled her shawl to cover her body, in order to catch some sleep but it was all in vain as her mind was cluttered with thoughts of last night. He picked up a piece of chalk and started writing on the wall. I kept looking at him. The next few minutes was dogged by silence as all three of them were trying to sink in the incident just happened. It was there on one of my visits that I first saw wild animals roaming the savannahs. My mind hardly lets me settle. I was surprised how much fear was needed to keep me awake.

I wasn't tired though, I kept dodging them like never before. A few children cried.

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There was no choice but to move ahead till they reach the end of the flyover or bridge.

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