An analysis of female circumcision in africa

This is a midline incision of the vulval scar, made on its anterior part. With respect to harms, on the other hand, I have tried to show that the adverse effects of both MGA and FGA overlap substantially, and that it is only by focusing on the least harmful forms of the former, and the most harmful forms of the latter, that this fact is not more widely understood.

Some authors — most notably Dena Davis 21 — have in fact made just such a suggestion. Being less educated and Muslim were also generally associated with all three of our outcomes, suggesting that these subpopulations may be important groups for intervention approaches in some countries.

Wakabi W.

Fgm in nigeria 2019

By collapsing all of the many different types of procedures performed into a single set for each sex, categories are created that do not accurately describe any situation that actually occurs anywhere in the world. Kouba LJ, Muasher J. These effects are due to psychological trauma of the painful procedure, sense of humiliation and being betrayed by parents, use of physical force by those performing the procedure, negative genital image, lack of sense of ownership of their bodies, devastating sexual life, infertility and vesicovaginal fistulae 40 , 45 , 51 - When women are faced with the decision to circumcise their own daughters or have already done so, their support of FGC may diminish. The proportion of circumcised women These account for Type 1 a is the partial or total removal of just the clitoral prepuce ie, the fold of skin that covers the clitoral glans, much as the penile prepuce covers the penile glans in boys; in fact, the two structures are embryonically homologous. The presence of high-risk clusters was assessed for each of the categories of FGM practice.

Fistula could occur during FGM procedures or defibulation. But this is bound to fail. Female genital mutilation FGM frequently asked questions.

female circumcision in delta state nigeria
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Female Genital Mutilation in Africa: An Analysis of Current Abandonment Approaches