An analysis of the fascism system of government in the 20th century in europe

Fascist Benito Mussolini seized power in Italy in and Adolf Hitler had successfully consolidated his power in Germany by However, within the Italian fascist movement there were a minority who endorsed Hitler's antisemitism as Roberto Farinacciwho was part of the far-right wing of the party.

InMussolini promoted the development of the Italian race such as when he said this: The nation is not simply the sum of living individuals, nor the instrument of parties for their own ends, but an organism comprisedof the infinite series of generations of which the individuals are only transient elements; it is the supreme synthesis of all the material and immaterial values of the race.

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Francisco Franco: A Spanish general who ruled over Spain as a dictator for 36 years from until his death. Fascism is commonly associated with German Nazi and Italian regimes that came to power after World War I, though several other countries have experienced fascist regimes or elements of them.

In the aftermath of the election, a crisis and political scandal erupted after Socialist Party deputy Giacomo Matteoti was kidnapped and murdered by a Fascist. What will rank Mussolini among the great men of this earth is his determination not to share Italy with the Marxistsbut to destroy internationalism and save the fatherland from it.

In some interpretations this Social Darwinism was regarded as an endorsement of untrammelled market economics.

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Fascism: A History. Corporatism: Fascists believe in taming capitalism by controlling labor and factory owners. Although private property remains, the state controls the economy. Italian Fascism was far less racist, acquiring a racist dimension only in when there was a need to strengthen the alliance with Nazi Germany, and racism was seen by most Italian Fascists as irrelevant and was not strictly enforced.

Top Questions Where does the word fascism come from? The Beer Hall Putsch was crushed by Bavarian police, and Hitler and other leading Nazis were arrested and detained until

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What Is Fascism?