An analysis of the views of different groups in the subject of abortion

pro choice vs pro life arguments

Admitting that some parents to be may see the early ultrasound as a strictly medical procedure no pictures saved, maybe not even looking at the screen the standard way appears to be exactly to embrace it as way of making contact.

This is absolute unbridled nonsense of the highest order - the abortion-breast-cancer conjecture ABC was championed by prominent born-again Christian and anti-abortion campaigner Dr Joel Brind in the early s.

pro life arguments

If the criteria are settled, this influences the legal sector because the ascription of legal rights — especially the right to live in the abortion debate — is tied to persons and respectively to the concept of personhood.

Public Policy and Abortion One of the most difficult issues is how to make a sound policy that meets the needs of most people in a given society without focusing on the extreme conservative view, or the extreme liberal view, or the many moderate views on the conflict of abortion.

abortion issues

The only solution may be that the survival of the fetus rests on the will of the human beings in a given moral society. Opponents for example, Gert also object to any attempt to base conclusions on religious considerations that they believe cannot stand up to rational criticism.

Pro life vs pro choice

Thus, it seems incorrect to derive actual rights from the bare potential ability to have legal rights at a later time. Such tests can be made to scan for genetic defects—or for genes associated with other characteristics than diseases—very early in pregnancy with very high accuracy. This view also faces severe problems; for example, it is not at all clear where the morally relevant difference is between the fetus five minutes before birth and a just born offspring. Personhood What does it mean to claim that a human life form is a person? Diagnostic technologies, such as ultrasound imaging and various forms of genetic tests, do not only make it possible to abstain from having children who will suffer considerably more painful and alienated lives than normal, they also change the experience of pregnancy as such. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer. According to this line of argument, it seems sound to claim that fetuses also have quasi-rights. Stotland, who later served as president of the American Psychiatric Association, subsequently began to recommend screening of prospective abortion patients for risk factors in order to guide decision counseling and identify additional counseling needs.

The new born ushers in an ethical appeal to shoulder responsibility for his vulnerable and dependent being that is similar to the claim that originates from the face of the other in Levinasian ethics Levinas The difference is between the experiences of the lived body as alien—in this case in nausea—and the experiences of another living being in my body.

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Religious Groups’ Official Positions on Abortion