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Any opportunity is worthy. State clearly whether you are discussing causes, effects, or both. In modern society, the use of fossil fuels can be made so that its burning becomes efficient, but this comes with a monetary cost.

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Neisseria meningitidis is the bacterium that causes meningococcal meningitis. However, they often want you to write a five-paragraph paper in which case the outline would be: Introduction paragraph- where you introduce your topic and state your thesis.

There is a cause for every action the company makes, and in return for their action there is an effect. For some, it is for the adrenaline rush, while others it is simply because they had not found the time earlier.

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Over 35 million Americans are impoverished describing the state of living in poverty but the data tends to move around a little depending on the definition of poverty being used, and sometimes also the political leanings of the poll-takers.

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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay