Coke and pepsi learn to compete in india case study

This reduced amount of competition, and the fact that India experienced an economic crisis inallowed Coke and Pepsi to enter the Indian market.

Rahman, a famous music director. They both still represent the west, but they need to become better adapted to the different environments they decide to become part of.

. which of the two companies do you think has better long term prospects for success in india?

In order to be able to sell their products, they had to follow many new rules, including changing the name of the Pepsi cola because it is a foreign product. They both also run big television campaigns during cricket and football games, and they also employ big Bollywood celebrities to endorse their products.

First mistake was they did not red the government policies about investing in India due to which they later had to dilute a huge amount of their share in the local market. India is the beverage battlefield for this decade and beyond. Disadvantages Pepsi approached Parle but it was rejected.

Project on pepsi vs coca cola

Pepsi is especially good with aligning itself with sports, such as cricket. Undeterred, Coca-Cola made its return to India ment. Contd … Slide Could these problems have been forecasted prior to market entry? The new music video aired on SET Max, a satellite channel capita consumption of soft drinks in the rural markets, capture a broadcast mainly in the northern and western parts of India and larger share in the urban market from competition, and increase popular among the 15—25 year age group. Consumers must come first in my opinion. On the other hand PepsiCo has focused on targeting the same customer base as by Coca Cola but with the help of sporting stars mostly Cricket stars. Amine, Ph. Product Policies: Catering to Indian tastes Entering with products close to those already available in India such as colas, fruit drinks, carbonated waters Waiting to introduce American type drinks Coca-Cola introducing Sprite recently Introducing new products Bottled water Conti.. Glocalization is a terminology that means to adopt global items and make them fulfil local needs. PepsiCo has learned the lesson to try the local flavors in their beverages and use local celebrities in advertisement to attract more customers. Whenever these two companies want to enter to another market. Organization do have to face situations where they have to face local outrage against them. In who are famous male stars of the Indian movie industry, had en- addition, Parle offered to sell its leading brands Thums Up, Limca, dorsed Mirinda Lemon. But they stumbled. Mumbai Advertising Club.

Yet this belief did not stop individual local produc- 7UP, Pepsi Foods also introduced Mirinda Lemon, Apple, and ers from trying to align themselves with the market leader.

InPepsi Foods Ltd. These are persuasive messages for its target mar- engineering plastics, electronic equipment, power generation, and ket of young people aged 15 to 24 years. The political environment in India has proven to be critical to company performance for both PepsiCo and Coca- Cola India.

This is what is happening in this case.

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Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India Case Study