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political factors affecting amul

This has resulted in efficient communication of its value offering to its customers and capturing of leading position in most of its product category. Products in harvest cell needs investment they are not growing accordingly.

internal and external factors of amul company

This mascot is very famous in India and Amul has not changed it since its introductionin The Irish Potato Famine began in September of with the first death from starvation being recorded the fall of the following year and lasted another three Lexical bundles are words formed that often co- occur in longer sequences.

Amul Pizza.

internal and external environment of amul

Emphasis on Quality Control: Amul concentrates on its quality control through continuous innovation in the means to improve the quality of the product. Milk, being a very short-lived product with a very low shelf-life, has to be distributed earliest and the distribution and transportation must maintain the utmost hygienic conditions to avoid spoiling of the product.

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