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Many, like myself, may ask the question of who or what exactly Enron is.

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Over the next several years Washington began to lift controls on who could produce energy and how it was sold. Their failure to live by ethical and moral codes resulted in bankruptcy, large financial losses to employees and shareholders as well criminal penalties. Other accounting scandals like WorldCom and Xerox were bought to light further reducing public confidence in corporate investment. With an influx of new suppliers energy prices were very unstable. Not only did Enron employees lose their jobs, many lost their retirement savings. Finally we will take a closer look at the involvement of the board of directors of public companies to comply with corporate governance procedures after the debacle of Enron. The organization employed close to 21, staff members with locations in over 40 nations around the world.

Enron employed more than 22, workers and was one of the largest companies dealing with electricity, natural gas, and communications. This is not to provide students with an ethical behavior but to provide education of companies that have found themselves in ethical predicaments and how they dealt with them.

Enron specialized in wholesale, natural gas, and electricity, and made its money as a wholesaler between suppliers and customers rather than actually owning any.

Enron was an admired company prior to because at that time it surfaced as a frontrunner in the deregulated energy market, making it possible to sell energy at higher prices, thus significantly increasing its revenue.

Enhanced Financial Disclosures - Periodic reporting, transactions involving management and principal stockholders, code of ethics, exemptions, etc. To this day, many wonder how such a powerful business disintegrated almost overnight and how it managed to fool the regulators with fake, off-the-books corporations for so long Since a series of corporate scandals and collapses have highlighted the importance of effective board oversight.

This research paper aims to focus on Enron, a large entity as a failed model of business. Additionally, examining Enron ethics, their organization culture, will help to determine how their criminal acts could have been prevented

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Enron Ethics and Leadership Failures Essay