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One of the first and most prominent Pre-Civil War court case, Amistad versus United States, influence the relations of the Civil War by exploiting the harsh, controversial, and debatable accounts of slavery and personal rights.

The real story had more drama and tearjerker parts then the movie did.

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After a moving and tearful round of goodbyes, the thirty-five surviving Africans of the Amistad and four American missionaries boarded the Gentleman, bound for West Africa. Gilpin began the oral argument phase before the Supreme Court. He found them all in a thirty-foot-by- twenty-foot room, taken up almost entirely by thirty-six cots. And this sympathy prevailed to such a degree, among all the persons concerned in this business, as to have perverted their minds with regard to all the most sacred principles of law and right, on which the liberties of the United States are founded; and a course was pursued, from the beginning to the end, which was not only an outrage upon the persons whose lives and liberties were at stake, but hostile to the power and independence of the judiciary itself. The full story of the Africans' adventures began to come out. The slaves were shackled and loaded aboard the cargo ship Amistad Spanish for "friendship" for the brief coastal voyage The Amistad case offered a opportunity for abolitionists to dramatize the illegal violence in which slavery originated and the discrepancy between slavery and American ideals of natural rights. Slavery, by definition, is the first historical form of exploitation, under which a slave along with different implements of production becomes the private property of the slave owner Dictionary But in August of , a scandalous injustice was uncovered after the ship was seized by an American vessel, the USS Washington, a coast guard ship under the command of Lt. The first mate described what happened when the Amistad was first boarded. The crew sailed eastward during the day, but veered north-westward at night, hoping to encounter a British ship patrolling for vessels engaged in the illegal slave trade or to reach a friendly port.

Weakened by the disastrous economic Panic ofPresident Van Buren feared that the Amistad case would shatter his support in the South. This was shown when Cinque bloodily unlocks his hand and ankle bindings in the bottom of the Amistad, but he does not stop there.

As many as 5, people a day visited the jail. Jailers took the children, "robust" and "full of hilarity," on wagon rides.

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The country was welcoming in technological advancements, big industry, and changing the face of education. After six weeks of zig-zagging at sea, the Amistad arrived in New York.

Essay amistad case

I went on deck and they attacked me. The West Africans who have commandeered the ship are taken into custody and the plot revolves around who "owns" them or if, indeed, they should be freed. I then ran below and stowed myself between two barrels, wrapped up in a sail. When did the slaves onboard the Amistad first revolt? The Supreme Court decided in favor of the Africans, stating that they were free individuals. Army, capturing the Africans and forcing them to face a trial, on charges of murder and mutiny. Before watching the movie Amistad, I never really knew of the boat rides, the chaining of women and men together and putting boulders at the end of the ropes and throwing the boulders over the edge of the boat drowning many The Amistad case intensifies the already bitter feelings between these two parts of the country, and it shows how sectionalist our country had become. The slaves were kept naked, flogged for not eating, and chained in a half-lying position. Both attempts to obstruct justice failed. Elizabeth Alexander is well known for her poems because of the skillful use of techniques such as diction, enjambment, and asyndeton. All gone!

One of the Amistads, Fon-ne, drowned in a pond, an apparent suicide.

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United States v. The Amistad