Essay on increasing prices in india

But the salaries often remain fixed. It has already initiated a number of steps to check inflationary tendencies. The other cause is the inflation which is also the result of population explosion.

write an article on price hike of essential commodities

Image Source: nimg. Production should be increased. The government should undertake to ration in cities and villages.

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It has forced people to live a miserable life. The problem on the face of it may seem quite simple. The main cause of the rapid price rise is the increase in population.

Article on price rise of essential commodities and how to control it

Corruption must be ended at all levels. There are several reasons for this steep rise in prices. What we now need is a strict enforcement of these steps. Cheap clothes should be produced and essential items are distributed through government shops. Agriculture: We have ample progress in the field of agriculture and industry but not in proportion to the growth of population. Increasing of agricultural and industrial production, proper distribution of the commodities, safeguarding them in the stories, paying taxes to the government without any evasion some of the measures which if applied honestly will not only check the trend of rising prices but also bring them down. So it is the problem of the whole country. Another reason for the scarcity of commodities in the market even during times of profusion is the tendency of wholesalers and capitalists to hoard the products and create a scarcity in the market. The hardest hit is the common man, that is, the average consumers and the below average consumers or we can say the middle class people and the poor people. If money supply increases more than goods and services available prices will rise. Such black marketers pay high prices of the commodities they need. We have over crore people living in India. The cumulative effect is a growing pressure on prices. Rising energy prices.

Government employees too, demand higher salaries to cope with the dearness in the market. This leads to a lot of money going into the national expenditure and into the pockets of corrupt leaders and officials.

The businessmen create artificial shortage of food grains.

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Essay on Rising Prices in India