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The elements have been involved in kidnapping and killing foreign national in the country, resulting in the deteriorating image of Pakistan worldwide.

We have to overhaul our educational system from top to bottom in order to fit in with the changing conditions of modern life. Causes of the large-scale unemployment. The middle 60 per cent share also declined from Both rural and urban unemployment rates have been estimated at 5.

Almost all the professions are overcrowded.

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Level playing field for demestic and foreign investors and small and large scale producers. It is a world-wide problem.

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Dewitt monohydric suspected, unemployment at about the normal capitalist system. Search our content:. A comprehensive plan is required to combat unemployment. This is only possible if there is an awareness and understanding between workers and employers of their reciprocal rights and obligations with all-round commitment to higher productivity. Lack of awareness about the job opportunities: 6. The tracts of wasteland should be distributed among the poor and unemployed villagers. Every single country. It is starting from outline points and after that, there is the complete essay. Educational planning and agro based on child labour. The table below shows the amount of people employed in pakistan. In-aptness in the job opportunities. So, a country with high unemployment rate is literally bound to face the music in terms of chaos, restlessness, lawlessness and terrorism. Compilation of everyone is difficult to sit down. This huge and rapid migration has also made the situation worse than ever.

Briefly, man has conquered the seas and market moon with his footsteps. Rapid changes in the governments and political instability surely create a sense of insecurity for the foreign investors and the local investors as well.

Successive governments, torn between conflicting desires for promoting welfare of the low-income classes and requirements of global competition, have had the unenviable task of balancing demands for better wages and decent competitiveness on the other while at the same time ensuring increased revenues.

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Pakistan, after its independence, has experienced highs and lows of economic growth with increase and reduction in poverty. It is believed that if education is properly planned and made available to all the citizens of the state, there is no reason why unemployment cannot be combated. It is only through patience; untiring constructive labour on the part of the rulers and the ruled alike that the solution of unemployment problem in a backward country like Pakistan can come through. Aristotle Fourthly, many labour saving devices including modern machinery and computer have also thrown many manual workers out of employment. The absence of work or unemployment virtually transforms the individual into meaningless existence. Sometimes they do not get work for days and Weeks together. In view of WTO regime, manufacturing sector be encouraged to upgrade technology, replace existing machinery and introduce BMR to be competitive in the world market.

But investors are reluctant to invest there because of continuous unrest and violence. Corruption, dishonesty, sin, crime and vices of all kinds are the natural outcome of unemployment.

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Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination, Pakistan: Essay on Unemployment in Pakistan