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This has led to a general misunderstanding of what fine art photography really is. It after all, reinforces our sense of ourselves and our wishes for our lives. Landscape is formed as much as it is forming. Someone also said that: Life imitates art. Contemporary landscape photography highlights the manipulative nature of mankind and the negative idiosyncrasies that result from an exploitive relationship with the land. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the nature of fine art photography, not the nature of art as a whole. Photography, as discussed earlier, is a powerful tool of influence in this realm. Others have invested considerably more trouble in dating Moonrise.

Adams further burned the foreground of the print exposure in the darkroom in order to increase detail in the chaparral Adams Examples, 42 and especially to brilliantly highlight the crosses glanced by the setting sun.

Following Robert Kaufman, For example, red roses are symbols of love in American culture and symbols of socialism in Europe. These different layers each represent a different level of understanding and appreciation of the work.

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Imbedded in this processes is the fluidity and destruction of Aboriginal place attachments for the place creation and subsequent attachment of Euro-American settlers. Creating fine art photography can be expensive.

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To minimize the amount of time required to learn it, it is best to study under the guidance of an experienced photographer. A single, high-quality photograph can always be seen as a fluke by a suspicious audience.

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There are three aspects to fine art photography and so I have divided this checklist into three parts: A artistic, B technical, and C marketing.

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