Ethanoic acid essay

what does acetic acid do

Positions of substituents on the chain are labeled with Greek letters starting at the carbon attached to… Words - Pages 8 Acetic Acid and Final Product Essay with t-butyl alcohol and sulfuric acid Fig 1. At present, it remains more cost-effective to produce vinegar using Acetobacter, rather than using Clostridium and concentrating it.

Ethanoic acid essay

Acetic acid is a weak monoprotic acid. The Problem Perform a titration upon Calcium Hydroxide to find the concentration by using Hydrochloric Acid of 3 different concentrations as following 2 molar, 0.

boiling point of ethanoic acid

To find out the molarity of the undiluted vinegar this answer has to be multiplied by ten because the vinegar was diluted by a factor of ten so this has to be compensated for: 0. Different vinegars use different sugary liquids and this could lead to variation between the vinegars.

It is more convenient to use cm3 so 0. A drop of is added phenolphthalein as the indicator. The awareness of the colour change of the indicator is perhaps slightly impaired when the brown vinegar is being neutralised because it is more difficult to see past the brown colour when the actual indicator begins to change colour itself.

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Ethanoic Acid Titration