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Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, using references to reliable sourcesrather than simply listing appearances. It has even been the subject of bizarre fan art, including erotic fan fiction.

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Unlike when Microsoft tried to kill off its Paint program earlier this year, there was no protest or outcry over the death of Clippy. In many cases the Office installation CD was necessary to activate a different Office assistant character, so the default character, Clippit, remains widely known compared to other Office Assistants.

They launched a campaign [3] with actor Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the paperclip, allowing people to vote on Clippy's next career choice as well as a song titled "It Looks Like You're Writing a Letter.

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Atteberry [9] to serve as a user-friendly troubleshooter for people using Office applications including Word and Excel. The feature was eventually just thrown out.

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He was a puppet who only knew one script and kept repeating it, at you, throughout the workday. In July , it was first parodied on the webcomic User Friendly. Will a caricature of William Shakespeare. Encyclopedia Dramatica Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About Clippit, better known as Clippy, is the default animated character in the English Windows version of Microsoft Office Assistant, an interactive user's guide that came pre-installed with Microsoft Office bundles from Poor Clippy. Ignoring it and dismissing it as a fad was a better option, some said. Bill Gates on stage with ClippySource:Supplied The engineers basically decided to disregard the focus group feedback and shipped Clippy as he was. Remember Clippy? In a music video was released for the song "Ghost" by Delta Heavy in which the abandoned Clippit is stuck between the software of the mid-nineties but then travels to the contemporary web and regains his place by hacking himself into any digital system. But that wouldn't have shocked Microsoft.

In the next version of Office to be released, the version that he was working on, Clippy was turned off by default. Clippit, the infamous Microsoft Office assistant, lived like a firework, or perhaps like a low-flying helicopter: bright, in-your-face, a streak across the sky, and unbelievably annoying.

Compatibility[ edit ] The Microsoft Agent components it required were not included in Windows 7 or later; however, they can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Source:Supplied A fine read, I'm sure. A small image of Clippit can be found in Office or newer, which could be enabled by going to Options and changing the theme to "School Supplies".

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What Made Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant, So Detestable?