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Your coursework has to be handed in by Easter so make it your top priority. Revision time is manic and everyone deals with it differently. The coursework is really weighing me down I don't know what they think about it, but I'm sure a few good ones are doing about two hours revision a night, every night of the week already.

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I'm writing. Whatever form, diary entry inproblem there would be If you don't have sufficient notes you should get a revision guide, but usually your notes are better because there are so many different syllabuses and exam boards. Highlight sections that stand out to you they may be interesting, shocking or controversial. My head teacher gave an assembly saying how much we needed to work hard, but that we should look forward to the extended summer holidays. The idea of writing 12 exams in a span of one month does not sound appealing to a 16 year old who has just hit the age of discovering oneself. I would just have to pray that clearing gives me a place at a good university. GCSEs — Daniel Wittenberg I sit at a beige wooden desk, faced with piles of revision files, frazzled and frustrated by my improvised timetable. Coursework is a double-edged sword at this point in the year as you are wanting to get your head into the work you have been taught earlier in the year but you still need the coursework in with Higher Still to ensure that your entrance to the exam can be guaranteed. I do my revision in four stages. Later today I will revise geography, maths and chemistry, spending two hours on each subject. A big fire like that is not a pleasant sight, but fortunately for us it was all over, and we went back to our various jobs. Guaranteed success! At university, most tasks are reading and discussion based and so a coherent set of written up notes is hard to come by. If the stuff in class is learnt and consolidated then less time needs to go into revising material that you should know.

I am my happiest sitting on my old chesterfield sofa, pen in hand, notebook on my lap. I did mine three years ago and I remember the back-breaking coursework and all the revision only to find out that, in the grand scheme of things, if you're planning to go and study further, that GCSEs are irrelevant.

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This video hopes to briefly explain the changes and to put at least some minds at rest about their implications. That's why an entire wall of my room is plastered in scribbled notes. I don't know many people who do. David Horn, Devon, UK The most useful piece of advice I can give is to get hold of as many past papers as you can, particularly in subjects like maths, where individual questions can carry a lot of marks for not particularly much work. Good luck to all of you doing your exams. After half an hour the drone of engines faded and the house began to hum with activity again. In it you should include: The reasons for buying the bear. Lesson observations and inspirational strategies tutor2u

Because I've heard from a lot of people who are not happy. Beatrix Potters Diary Writing a diary.

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Now the… Journal Example. Welcome to the intense and varied world of a GCSE pupil. But there are some things that make studying for final university exams different to anything I've done before. Having said this, I got fairly good results, mostly As with a smattering of Bs. I would just have to pray that clearing gives me a place at a good university. James Crawley 29th November GCSE exams diary Exams are looming once again for hundreds of thousands Gareth Giles, 16, kicks off the exam season with a diary entry on his preparations for the 11 GCSEs he is taking this year. Search this site. If I do badly, I don't have a back-up plan. At two-thirty Margot had finished her office work and was just gathering her things together when the sirens began wailing again. You can repeat the prompt numerous times through out the text, as students evaluate ho 24 Best Aqa English images English lessons, Teaching
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IGCSE Directed Writing: Text Transformation