How to write a letter to your maid of honor

Thank you letter to my maid of honor

Love, Your little sister who is not yet married yet. October 13, Dear Kristin, I am so honored to be sharing this day with you—your wedding day. May you live forever in love and may love live forever in you both. I am so happy that I ended up rooming with you our sophomore year! Your pep talks and our deep conversations are the two things that I absolutely love about us. We went on "friend dates" because we were both lonely. But for me, nothing beats a letter— fitting too, considering the crazy amount of note passing we did back in the day. You will always be my Carrie, and I will always be you, Charlotte! Thankfully, we had two classes together.

Oh there will be tears. And I will beam with pride for my bonded bud and her new husband!

will you be my maid of honor

We were destined to be friends. Don't get lost in the craziness of the day; remember to enjoy and appreciate these moments that you'll remember for the rest of your life. My wedding day was perfect; It was straight out of my dreams, and it would not have been this way if it was not for all of you!

what to write in maid of honor card

They are with you, and always will be. Being a maid of honor is a huge responsibility but I know for a fact that you can handle it. You always tell me not to overthink anything, so just help me to not overthink about the small things.

how to write a letter to your maid of honor

Now that I look back there was no need for any of it regardless of if all the centerpieces were in the exact center of the tables or if Burgundy was a good accent color for the reception. I pinky promise our inside joke that you've got this.

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My Maid Of Honor Letter. Thoughts?