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I suggest that you take his conclusions into account. Also ideas you put forward, scoped out or helped to implement that led to a cost saving or an increase in revenue or delivered new clients or resulted in higher levels of customer service or time efficiencies.

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Skills summary — List the systems, skills and competencies that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. Responsibilities: A few dot point lines Key Achievements: At least three dots points detailing not what you were paid to do but how you went beyond that. Here, the candidate showed that she has a mindset on ensuring that the restaurant can make money by not only providing great food, but also cutting costs whenever possible. Cover letters to strengthen applications Cover letters can either weaken or strengthen your application. More than nine in 10 resumes contained at least one of the four most common errors: incomplete employment history, incorrectly formatted file names, CVs that were too long or too short and spelling mistakes. Award Name, Awarding Body, Year. It found that 91 per cent of job applicants were letting themselves down by making easily avoided mistakes while applying for a job. Named Employee of the Year Follow this format for at least your last two to three jobs. Your resume clearly and concisely details who you are and what you have to offer.

This summary should prove your value and help to differentiate you. Usually your future employer will contact them to find out more about you and the way you work so you want to only add people that will have something positive to say.

Use dot points if you want, but just the one type.

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To download, your device must support this, but we will also send you an e-mail with the document. Here, you need to call out your key competencies and experience in a way that engages the Australian audience.

It needs to contain the right mix of information to sell you to potential employers in the most effective and appropriate way.

Using an eye-tracking technique, researchers found that recruiters focused on your name, current job title, company and dates of employment.

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Also avoid colours. Front-loaded fact-based achievements: e. Here are some ways to do it: Responsibilities that avoid first-person references: e. Including marital status in this day and age just looks plain weird to me.

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It should be a few sentences and written as one paragraph. For example: High level computer skills including Excel, Word and Powerpoint. I hope these tips help — and if you would like to see any specific Australian resume examples or Australia-specific job search tips , let me know in the comments below. Work experience - This should be listed in reverse order, beginning with the most recent. Using their own experience within HR, my writer wrote a detailed yet direct response to selection criteria, showing me how to correctly word my applications for the future. Therefore, those who have an Australian address and phone number will have a heads start. PhD Doctorate.
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