How to write a rational number as a repeating decimal

What kind of decimal is an irrational number

Let's multiply this by Or you could say these two parts cancel out. So let's say I have the number 1. Question from lil, a student: Why are repeating decimals considered rational numbers? And it did. If you subtract that from 7. This cancels with that.

You're just left with 7. And we established earlier that x is equal to 0. And so if we subtract x from 10x, what do we get?

rational numbers

So the trick to converting these things into fractions is to essentially set this equal to a variable. Let's do another one. So now, 27 goes into 3 times.

express the repeating decimal number as a quotient of two integers

So it's 12 minus 1 is And we'll just show it, do it step-by-step. It does go into We subtracted. To represent any pattern of repeating decimals, divide the section of the pattern to be repeated by 9's, in the following way: 0.

how to write a rational number as a repeating decimal

Well, let's think about this. Now this is the trick here.

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Repeating decimal