In recent year life has come

Growing up in a very religious environment ingrained into my mind the idea that certain things are not meant to be questioned. What has happened before will happen again in certain domains. What factors are contributing to this increase and what do you think can be done to overcome the current problems?

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No one stumbles upon a better life. Job satisfaction and low income they earn is another factor for causing stress.

why has life become so stressful

Consequently, many people are suffering from stress-related problems. Nevertheless, these problems could be tackled to some extent by enforcing few laws and regulations.

If we know what creates our stress and start living a healthy life as much as possible, we would have a better lifestyle.

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Then I discover how very imperfect it is and how far from perfection I am, so I disheartened and stop writing, I stop reading. Higher living expenses force people to work more and that has reached to over hours in many professions.

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In Recent Year, Life Has Come More Stressful Than It Has