Isolation of eugenol from cloves lab report

Explain what is meant by "venting" an extraction.

clove oil extraction process

A possible explanation for this low yield may have arose from an inadequate amount of dichloromethane during the extraction method. Distillation is more advantageous than carbon dioxide extraction because a larger product yield is extracted.

The CH2Cl2 was then discarded and the aqueous solution was capped and left for next lab. A direct stem distillation took place, and the oil product was out aside for a week. This oil was identified as eugenol by comparison of its infrared spectrum with a sample.

how to make eugenol

Post lab questions: 1. Smaller amounts of compounds found in the essential oil of cloves are hydrocarbons, alcohol, phenol, ether, aldehyde, ketone, acid, and ester. Maintain approx. Also the distillation rate may have been too fast which could lead to the collection of a less pure distillate, and subsequently a higher percent recovery than the actual value.

When the water boiled to high the heat was decreased to prevent bumping. The solubility of malononitrile in ether at room temperature is Cloves are the flower buds from a tropical tree that grows in the Spice Islands of Indonesia and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

We will be isolating the volatile flavor and odor in crushed cloves by running a steam distillation.

eugenol in food
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Isolation of Eugenol from Cloves Free Essays