Kit kat market research

Word-of-mouth tip: Digital brand collaborations are strategic ways to engage new audiences.

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This is supported by Table 3. They often introduced new lines of products that are difficult to copied or produce the similar product.

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The second question tested the brand recognition. Since then, it has consistently been one of the best selling chocolate bars on the market and has acquired an instantly recognisable brand name and identity.

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She enjoys a good run in the city. This promotion, where over 75 million free burgers were on offer, increased sales of Kit Kat by an estimated 30 Inan on-pack promotion featuring 'The Simpsons,' with the chance to win 20, cash and hundreds of other prizes, increased sales of Kit Kat by a staggering 41 Advertising plays an extremely important part in the confectionery industry, with spend approaching million in In Japan, the range of flavors is even bigger: chili pepper, raspberry, pear, green tea, wasabi, royal milk, even pizza or sandwichflavored KitKats can be found there.

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Points of difference - Format and size of the product itself: the fact that KitKat snacks can be found in many versions, such as single stick, two-stick, four-stick or chunk packets, enhances the peculiarity of the brand. Kit Kat nuts will be packaged similar to the normal Kit Kat but additional feature of picture of almond on the wrapper will be shown to pass the message to the customers that kit kat got nuts. Consequently, Nestl tries to supply as many outlets as possible - both wholesaler and retailer channels. New acquisitions: Nestle is integrating in the developing economies with the help of new acquisitions of businesses which provides them opportunity to enlarge their share in the market. It emphasies the importance of tightly drafted confidentiality agreements, limited disclosure within an organisation and careful management of staff. Often this results from well targeted, exciting promotional and advertising activity and from careful market research that has identified a genuine gap in the market. The estimated sales for the second year is expected to 40million pound at the wholesale price of 40p with the variable cost at18p and fixed cost similar to the previous year at 20 million pound by selling million units so that to show net profit of 2 million. High market share: Nestle is delivering its product to almost all countries in the world. Branding: Nestle got ability to consistently keep the existing product in the mind of the consumer vis a vis extending the product line to cover additional market share. Points of Difference POD : 1. Kit kat, n. Nestle needs to carry on with its marketing strategy of segmenting the customers and producing the product keeping in mind the trends and demands of the product. In the summer of Kit Kat has done an excellent brand recall campaign in New Zealand. At the end of the second year it is expected to achieve break even point or to achieve better than expected result by showing Net profit. Initial set-up: It is going to be huge sales and promotional activities to be carried out in the months of May and June.

Indeed, we can easily fnd them not only in supermarkets and convenience stores, but also in vending machines, cinemas These three chocolate bar brands use bright colors on their packaging, like gold, red or white.

It is important to note here that the segment created should be targeted using appropriate channel of advertisements otherwise it can lead to unexpected results for the future.

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Kit Kat market research