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There are no specific compositional rules. Therefore, we do not quote any words, but only original, surprising, extremely accurate observations, brilliant thoughts, intriguing combinations of words. Changing the Word Form Another way to paraphrase sentences is to change the form of the word. Since paraphrasing entails using the same idea in a different version, you need to cite your work to acknowledge the fact that it is not your idea. This is a good example. It is also reworking or rephrasing the work that contained the content, complementing it and interpreting it sometimes with a lot of freedom, but in the bounds that ensure a clear recognition of the original. A few years ago we were wondering - is there a good paraphrasing website with an automatic paraphrasing tool online? Not all words need to be changed. It does not require the use of quotes or other typographic signs that distinguish this part of the text from the work. The problem is, students might not to know how to paraphrase writings. It also has to bring something original and interesting to this subject. When you need to quote the words of another person, then use quotes. Paraphrasing is the writing of a similar idea in a different version, so you need to be cautious when it comes to the choice of words.

Without the citation, the paraphrase is plagiarized. Break the information into separate sentences Although paraphrasing will usually result in a word count roughly the same as an original quote, you may be able to play with the number of sentences to make the text different.

Correct: Even though the YouTube video of the dancing plumber was only posted last week, it has already had more thanviews. These are four tricks you can apply to help you do so.

He taped a note to his door to warn them. These programs have the option of blocking or invalidating a given work, it may also lead to the person being held criminally liable.

Ensure you understand the meaning first before you continue. Correct: College admissions officers generally tell students not to write their admissions essays about a lesson they learned when being stoned or drunk; however, some students still ignore the advice.

Also its subject matter is not precisely defined - it may refer to culture, art, science, politics, social issues, philosophy, etc.

The opposite could also be the case, i. Our synonym mixer will help you generate unique content using synonymisation - converting words to other, but with the same meaning. Good job, sir!

Make Notes Take notes on what you're reading or listening to.

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This example is outright plagiarism.

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How To Paraphrase In Your Writing