Low cost carrier business plan

Baggage handling services will be provided to all customers in all the airports. Our research and projections indicate that air travel to and from Anytown is sufficient to provide a new carrier with excellent revenues in its first full year of operations, utilizing six aircraft and selected short-haul routes.

His major is Human Resource Management. A strong emphasis will be placed on this aspect of the business: particular attention will be paid to the design of the cabin, the technology available, efficiency of processes, and quality of service offered by the cabin crew.

Traditional carriers followed the low-cost carriers by enabling web check-in, encouraging machine check-in at the airport, and generally reducing ground personnel cost. This demonstrates the lower risk associated with this operation.

airline strategic plan

JetBluefor instance, has in-flight entertainment in every passenger seat. However, the medium term objective is not to increase capacity on these large routes but rather to focus on medium to low density routes where competitors flying wide-body equipment will not be able to operate profitably.

Getting the right combination will be key in executing this venture successfully. Southwest allows passengers to check two bags for free. To provide service and absorb unmet demand in three key traffic categories: unserved and under-served routes on which high demand currently exists or can be developed; serving key niche markets where demand is either unmet or poorly served; and meeting peak traffic demands on certain key regional, seasonal, and variable routes where very high load factors can be predicted despite existing, but lower-quality, competition.

Vision SkyTrails' aim is to establish itself as a niche player in the long-haul market of business travel. Blending experienced airline professionals with a young creative management team will be a successful combination which will continuously look for innovation while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Strong Sales team SkyTrails will market its services to companies directly. The following U.

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Business Plan of Budget Airline Company