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Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed the rover to roll over obstacles up to 25 inches 65 centimeters high and to travel about feet m per day. Did these sediments once fill the entire bowl of Gale Crater?

One engineer became famous because of the Mohawk he sported on landing day.

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Like Earth, it has seasons and moisture. For example, understanding the current climate of Mars will also help determine whether humans can safely explore its surface. Prepare for human exploration.

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Scientists in particular are interested in measuring "secondary rays" or radiation that can generate lower-energy particles after it hits the gas molecules in the atmosphere. If the vehicle landed too hard, it could destroy the wheels — maybe even the chassis, or frame. An artist's concept illustrates what the Mars rover Curiosity will look like on the Red Planet. That compacts them, making them denser. There are smaller background changes in methane, however, that could be linked to the seasons. The parachute could only slow MSL to mph kph , far too fast for landing. Curiosity's Radiation Assessment Detector runs for 15 minutes every hour to measure a swath of radiation on the ground and in the atmosphere. In September , Curiosity arrived at its science destination, Mount Sharp Aeolis Mons shortly after a NASA science review said the rover should do less driving and more searching for habitable destinations. So engineers placed cameras on the outside of the spacecraft to serve as eyes scanning for signposts. On Curiosity's front, under foil covers, are several ceramic blocks infused with artificial organic compounds.

The recipes might establish whether any of these materials could have supported life. If the vehicle landed too hard, it could destroy the wheels — maybe even the chassis, or frame.

The traveling spacecraft spun throughout its route. During Curiosity's prime mission, which was completed inthe project met its main goal by finding evidence that ancient Mars offered environmental conditions with all the requirements for supporting microbial life, if any ever existed on Mars.

Mars rover research paper

Accompanying it is a "team" of other spacecraft from several countries, often working collaboratively to achieve science goals.

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NASA Selects Scientists for Mars Rover Research Projects