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She sued for libelreceiving an apology and compensation payment in April In fact, the street lighting in the lot had been switched to mercury lamps — which, Livingston explains, have almost no red in their light. The company was relisted as Mirror Group in Blue issue[ edit ] On 2 Aprilthe Daily Mirror was printed entirely on blue paper.

In Rothermere sold the paper to H. Despite this critical position, the Daily Mirror endorsed again the Labour Party in the general election. Lloyd Embley was then promoted to editor-in-chief across the entire group, and Alison Phillips previously deputy editor-in-chief for the Trinity Mirror titles was appointed editor of the Daily Mirror.

On 4 Maythe newspaper printed a picture of Conservative leader David Cameron with a giant red cross through his face.

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In an attempt to cater to a different kind of reader, the Mirror launched the "Mirrorscope" pull-out section on 30 January Political allegiance[ edit ] The Daily Mirror has traditionally backed the Labour Party at general elections.

The paper changed its masthead logo from red to black and occasionally bluein an attempt to dissociate itself from the term " red top ", a term for a sensationalist mass-market tabloid. It has frequently referred to the party as the "Fib Dems" [48] or "Lib Dumbs".

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