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It operates a countrywide network of relief services such as ambulance, old houses, orphanage houses, women shelter houses, poor feeding houses, and its work has been recognized internationally.

However, it will change the behavior and feelings of citizens to be part of local development. Therefore, in order to have better outcomes in poverty alleviation, the government should consider a more contextual approach in designing antipoverty policies for different regions in Pakistan.

It is very clear from the above table that there is a huge disparity between urban and rural poverty.

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The key conditions are the institutions that advocate knowledge formation, a business culture that supports entrepreneurship, institutions of higher education such as rural community colleges. Inequality and natural disasters[ edit ] Main article: Pakistan floods The recent Pakistan floods have accentuated differences between the wealthy and poor in Pakistan.

Within first 2 years of its establishment, the bank had distributed an amount of Rs.

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Federal government is the main financing source of PBM but it also receives small grants from the Zakat funds as well as from provincial and local governments. Another research argues for regional cooperation and for including poverty and underdevelopment among the explicit criteria to retarget economic development funds to places most in need [ 27 ].

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Their active participation definitely helps their communities to escape the poverty trap. Khushhali Bank was established in with the support of Asian Development Bank. Source: [3] Socio-Economic Status of Pakistanis, source: [18] "Vulnerability" in this case stands for the underlying susceptibility of economically deprived people to fall into poverty as a result of exogenous random shocks. Banks, companies, and financial institutions that operate these assets deduct Zakat. The coverage of the scheme was expanded in , which also included workers from commercial and other industrial establishments having ten or more employees. Whereas being poor has various criteria and it is often a mystery that divides them into categories and identifies what do poor need, instead of realizing the real need for poor. In this connection, NGOs are part of civil society that strengthens the society through activities. As some studies for example, see Ref. Provinces, once mainly responsible for the provision of services, assumed new responsibilities to support and supervise the performance of local governments, not as administrative members of the provincial administration, but as independent corporate bodies accountable to the electorate through political leaders. There are four comprehensive plans and supplementary policies that states might follow in reducing poverty, particularly in rural areas. Pakistan fell into political turmoil as Musharraf continued to grant himself more power over the years, repeatedly suspending the constitution and dissolving parliament in order to get his way. It is flourishing in Pakistan with the recent development of technology, geopolitics, and markets.
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Growth and poverty reduction in Pakistan