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Big foam dice are perfect for this! See more and get other math games here. A player rolls all three dice at once, then sets the highest die aside.

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Now they are ready to draft their story. Students receive a 6x3 square grid. You need three dice for this one. Each student has to find six reading partners and record their names on the planner, one partner in each spot see picture below. They love to make stories from the random choices they roll on the die. Once students collected their three story elements, they recorded them on a graphic organizer included in freebie! See more at An Apple For the Teacher. For instance, if a player rolls 11, they may close 1, 2, 3, and 5, as these add up to

Then, they roll again to determine their problem. You can do this together with younger students.

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The second player does the same, with play continuing until there is no room to draw any more rectangles. I used to do this with my classes as well! Above column 1 write "characters," above column 2 write "settings," above column 3 write "problems. A player rolls all three dice at once, then sets the highest die aside. Dueling Narrators Turn a writing exercise into an adventure! With each roll of the dice three total! Download your copy here or click the picture below!

Shut the Box This is another old game that focuses on addition facts. Students tend to enjoy writing stories using this idea; especially if the are "stuck" and have "writer's block.

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For some reason though, when I think of dice games, my mind always jumps to math and probability. They can roll again if they choose to have two characters in their story.

It is my most popular product and includes everything you need to get started with fluency, including phrase and sentence cards. For fluency practice, I created a Roll-an-Emotion!

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You may want to have students complete a planning sheet in order to organize the elements of their story. If they roll a six, they look at the sixth box under the setting column. D-Icebreakers Mix up your next icebreaker activity by rolling a die to see which question each student will answer to introduce themselves.

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