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Five decades ago, Bhutan was a feudal, medieval place with no roads, proper schools or hospitals and scarcely any contact with the outside world.

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Today, education and health care are free and life expectancy has risen to 66 years from less than On the wedding day, the ceremony began at dawn.

The first temple was built on this cliffside location in After the initial rituals were completed, the couple took part in the two most significant ceremonies: a purification ceremony and a vow renewal ceremony, where the husband and wife exchanged scarves received from a shrine and took ambrosia to symbolize their loyalty to one another.

About monks reside at the government run monastery that also doubles as a child care facility for under privileged and orphaned males.

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Post navigation. Wangchuck brought modern techniques and methods to preserve and promote the culture of Bhutan , yet at the same time, he introduced Western science and technology. Child marriage practice in Bhutan has been restricted and gradually abolished in accordance with the modernization of Bhutan. The Constitution of Bhutan was adopted on 18 July , by the first elected parliament. He traveled extensively to explain and discuss the Draft Constitution of Bhutan with the people, and to encourage participation in the upcoming democratic exercises. They would work on the farms of the aristocratic and prominent families. He established Simtokha Rigzhung Lobdra now known as the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies in , where a new breed of traditional scholars could be nurtured.

The project saw tremendous success, and similar projects are in the pipeline in other parts of Bhutan. Butter Lamp Upon the arrival of the groom and the bride, the butter lamps would be lit up after 6 times prostration of the couples, 3 times at the Head Lama or Rimpoche and 3 times at the main altar.

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Because such initiatives and measures were barely taken by anyone earlier, the intangible cultural heritage of Bhutan was seriously threatened and close to non-existent. King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck then paid repeated visits to India. Today, education and health care are free and life expectancy has risen to 66 years from less than On the wedding day, the ceremony began at dawn. He established what were then the centres of education excellence with two public schools: Yangchenphug, in western Bhutan in , and the other, Kanglung, in eastern Bhutan in The centuries-old traditions in Bhutanese marriage ceremonies are much richer and involved; however, despite this, these traditions have been disappearing over the years. You have to prostate 6 times. Essentially, everything was kept entirely traditional, as was demonstrated by the preparations, songs, dances, mask dances, costumes, and cuisines.
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