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Suspension- 1 A teacher may be placed under suspension pending enquiry. Severe Offense — Student sent to office for appropriate action. Students purchasing breakfast are allowed in the cafeteria at am. Bullying and Harassment Please treat all students and members of staff with respect. Leave -No teacher shall be entitled to any leave other than casual leave unless he has served the school for two years. Treat everyone with respect. No hair ties, hair clips or hair accessories are to be used. No responsibility can be accepted for unmarked property. Strive to be present every school day. Hair should not be touching the shirt collar and should be off the face at all times. This particularly refers to travelling to and from school, especially on public transport and on the school buses. Health Absence from classes, preps or any other activity on medical grounds must be accompanied by a Medical document from an authentic Doctor or Nurse.

Please stand in the front gardens of the school. The teacher shall contribute towards the Contributory Provident Fund every month at the rate to 10 paisa per taka of his pay and the school shall contribute an equivalent amount. Notwithstanding anything contained in regulations 16 to 23 no leave may be claimed as matter of right.

All boys must be at school by 8. Do not re-enter the building until you are told that it is safe to do so. Disagreements will be settled by discussing the problem and seeking a solution that is fair to all concerned.

Therefore, students should participate in games and sports, join clubs and societies etc. No use of profanity. All adults at school oversee your safety and well-being. In case of absence, parents should call the school in the morning of the absence and notify the teacher in writing upon the student's return to school.

Primary school rules

Respect and obey any adult. Students are required to attend all classes and remain in the school grounds. Do not bounce balls in the corridors. School begins at a. Hitting, fighting, kicking are not permitted. This particularly refers to travelling to and from school, especially on public transport and on the school buses. Students are prohibited from consuming any food or drink not provided by the school. Fire and Safety If you discover a fire, operate the nearest fire alarm call-point. The school will not accept responsibility for personal items lost at school. Control your temper. Students may be banned from the school bus for anti-social behaviour. Use the litter bins provided for your rubbish.

Each of these major areas is further defined below. Make-up must not be worn. Restrooms are not playgrounds.

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General School Rules