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Everything has blessings and curses so telecasting besides has many blessings and curses.

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Watching news on television from different channels and mediums will increase their general knowledge and keep them updated with what is happening around the world and at home. The people who are ill or who are disabled to go out can pass their time by watching television. Over the years, the popularity of television has grown to such an extent that today, at least one Television set can be found in almost every home in the world. For those who are ill or housebound, television provides them with a company while they are alone, whereas others just enjoy the entertainment factor. Such is the inattention and inactivity towards sports and games in virtually all the educational institutions all over the country and the T. All these combined are very harmful and can have long lasting repercussions. They can miss a meal but not this show. Author: Brandon Johnson. Science, originally intended to conquer and harness the forces of nature for the good of man, is looked upon by some as the chief cause of the suffering of humanity today. Everything has boons and banes so television also has many boons and banes.

Its the menace that everyone loves to hate but can't seem to live without. There are many quiz shows on television which increase the knowledge of students. TV 5 is now one of the most competitive television stations in the Philippines; providing quality programs of entertainment and information, and even finding its way to be on top like the two big networks: ABS-CBN and GMA.

They are boons no doubt.

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Those tennis courts or badminton courts or hockey, football or cricket grounds which used to buzz with activity every afternoon lie deserted and neglected. It has a bad effect on children. Television is a dramatic creative activity of scientific discipline in the universe of engineering. Hence, it is a matter of serious discussion as to whether television viewing is really good or bad for school students. Things like violence, bloodshed, sex, alcohol, drugs etc. Watching news on television from different channels and mediums will increase their general knowledge and keep them updated with what is happening around the world and at home. Although telecasting has given us all these blessings and installations but we should besides be cognizant of the curses. Television is a striking creation of science in the world of technology. Watching too much television can be injurious to our eyes and health. But the mischief would happen when it would be too late to realize it and remedy it. Such is now the craze, such is the frenzy. In fact, there are many channels that air programmes exclusively for students.

It was certainly not intended to make humans vacuous, but, it is an emanation of their vacuity. Boon or Bane The middle class family living in a metropolitan town can hardly afford, to have at the most a two room apartment or those living in the slums shall have just one shambled hutment and for most of the day if the T.

But there are hardly any really educative programs for students — a few UGC sponsored programs sometimes may be some value; otherwise the Quiz programs do some educating.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. It is the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and ideas. It is also a means to showcase the talent of common people. They can learn a lot of new things from the channels that telecast very good quality educational and informative content related to education, like science, engineering, wildlife, history, geography, and culture.

As children will remain confined to their houses they will have no friends and no social life which will obstruct their personality development leading to behavioural problems.

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