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It can take a lot of time, and you will need to meet a minimum number of transactions. Determining if the applicant has a permissible purpose in cases where the applicant wishes to obtain consumer reports. Keep your credit lender-ready.

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ChexSystems collects and reports data on checking account applications, openings, closings, and the reason for the bank account being closed.

Even if you're not a heavy check writer, checking your report from Certegy Check Services can help you detect when someone else may have written bad checks in your name. ChexSystems is like the credit bureau for checking accounts.


You may want to look into some of these particular bureaus to get listed with in addition to the top 10 depending on the type of industry your business is in. Paynet Paynet collects real-time loan information from more than leading U. Clarity Services provides a printable form that you can mail or fax along with a copy of your government-issued ID to request a copy of your credit report. For example: Intrigued? Before you start, check your personal and business credit score. Paynet : Paynet collects real-time loan information from more than leading U. Here, again, you must demonstrate you have a minimum number of accounts to join, in this case ChexSystems The tenth reporting agency is extremely important as it has to do with your ability to open up a business checking account with a financial institution. Your Business Credit Summary Small businesses can become data furnishers to report information to credit bureaus. There is no cost to report, and no minimum number of accounts that must be reported. According to Experian, a business must become a subscriber to its credit reporting services. Collects check wiring history and provides check screening services for retail businesses who accept checks. Borrowing money to grow your business is only one reason to focus on building your business credit score; the other is that without a strong credit score, you may miss out on business opportunities. For example, credit reporting is accomplished via electronic data transmission between the business and the credit bureau. The credit reporting agency can help you understand historic data and trends, and develop predictive scoring, explains Gail Beltz, director, Trade Acquisition for Experian Business Information Services.

This service isn't free, and each bureau has its own services that it sells to subscriber businesses. They collect data from banks, suppliers, finance companies, business owners, and look at public records such as tax liens, bankruptcies, and judgments.

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There are also technical requirements at TransUnion, such as a type of software called Metro 2 and a minimum of accounts to start reporting. The merged credit file includes your information from all three credit bureaus in a single file.

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The success of your business depends upon it. There is no cost to report, and no minimum number of accounts that must be reported. Making Corrections Businesses can make corrections directly with the credit-reporting bureau, but consumers are responsible for verifying information as well. You can request a copy of your Credco credit report by printing and mailing a copy of the request form. Ready to get your business listed with the business credit bureaus? You should review your ChexSystems credit report at least once a year to be sure there's no inaccurate information that could prevent you from switching banks or opening a new account at another bank. Knowing this will give you greater insight into getting listed and established in the business credit industry.
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Top 10 Business Credit Bureaus