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Put on your headphones, turn on some good old classic melody, and relax. Why college student facing a lots of stress?

effect of stress on students essay

Stress will causes health problems such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and eating disorders. What are the ways to reduce stress?

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Exercising is also an important student stress relieving technique. Although freshmen students often enter college with high expectations and ambitions, many eventually drop out of college. Meditation and Yoga are two great and similar ways that people use to de-stress.

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Besides that, psychological make-up can also play a role in vulnerability to depression. Students develop these social stressors and either become too busy with their friends, studying for exams, or are not being able to organize Choices that students will make as they preceed through school drugs, stress, choice of friends words - 2 pages risk.

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Through our website, students can request for help in a diverse range of subjects and disciplines. Stress is any situation that evokes negative thoughts and feelings in a person. The main reason that high school students get stressed is their schoolwork. After you see how much time this or that activity takes, you can start planning IFR. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Students need to eat right and healthy. Take care of yourself and be healthy.

Watch a good movie. Stress is more than just a nuisance or something that occasionally makes people feel nervous or anxious.

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For what causes stress on a student, the answer could lie within many things. Always being positive eliminates the thoughts of failure and enables a student to perform tasks when they are relaxed and thus avoiding stress. Beyond that friends can significantly reduce stress on college students. The symptoms are detrimental to the health of students. Eating right can help boost energy naturally and lower stress and exhaustion levels. Other than that, Meditate, pray, or do yoga each morning is also one of the ways to reduce stress. The ways to reduce stress can avoid someone from being suicide.
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Stress For Students Essay