Success is a matter of chance or choice

The fault is not in the stars: The fault is not in your stars but in you. When life presents its numerous challenges, you begin to lose faith in your abilities. Believing in this quote is what all those who want to succeed need to do. You have the choice over what type of life you will be living in the next 6 months, next 12 months, next 5 years or in the nest 50 years.

But, how you respond to that situation is under your control. Out of a million of those who play lotto only maybe 5 peeple may win. So what do you expect me to be? It could be volunteering yourself as an organizer of events at your workplace, or the locality where you live.

What holds most people back and prevents them from succeeding in life is their bad attitude. And what is it that makes a weaker contestant or an underdog win over the more powerful opponent? If success is about chance than lazy, unproductive, weak people and people with negative attitude will also be winners but they are not.

Ensure that what you watch either increases your knowledge or truly recreates you.

success comes by choice not by chance essay

That little difference is attitude.

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