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Environmental protection organizations are surveying the wrecks while also consulting with Japanese researchers to try to determine how much oil is likely to be in the hulks, particularly in three sunken oil tankers. Subsequent joint attacks by dive bombers [nb 2] and Avenger torpedo bombers cratered runways and destroyed hangar facilities. Later evidence indicates that widespread human settlements appeared in Chuuk during the 14th century AD. The admiral put himself in tactical command of Task Group Those who explore Truk Lagoon today can see the aftermath of Operation Hailstone in striking detail. Click to view image Sprawled bodies of American soldiers on the beach of Tarawa atoll testify to the ferocity of the battle for this stretch of sand during the U. Another ship, identified as the Gosei Maru, has a huge hole that indicates a bomb landing. Citation Information. Dwindling ammunition even limited the ability of shore batteries to fend off intermittent attacks by Allied forces, including experimental raids by Boeing B Superfortresses and attacks by Allied carrier aircraft. Of the nearly 5, Japanese soldiers and workers on the island, only were captured, the rest were killed. Five airstrips, seaplane bases, a torpedo boat station, submarine repair shops, a communications center and a radar station were constructed during the war.

On Feb. During World War II, Japan used Truk Lagoon as one of their main naval bases, anchoring a large portion of their fleet and stationing some 40, men there — until one fateful American attack. Later evidence indicates that widespread human settlements appeared in Chuuk during the 14th century AD.

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Some have described Truk as Japan's equivalent of the Americans' Pearl Harborin that it was their respective nation's largest forward naval base. Between Tarawa and Luzon, the main island of the Philippines, were 2, miles of sea, plus more than a thousand scattered atolls, many of them fortified with Japanese troops.

Coast Guard. Prior to the attack he had worked with the Japanese as a stevedore and spoke fluent Japanese.


History[ edit ] At right, a traditionally dressed older Truk man. The film showed Cousteau and his team as they found not only ships, but also that some of those ships were still full of bodies. The IJN had begun withdrawing fleet units from its anchorages as early as October The lower bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire after dropping its bombs, and plunged into the sea, killing both crew members. Army Two of twelve U. Final contractual bidding was complete in late and construction began in June A single Marine regiment captured Roi on that first day, while Namur fell by noon of the second day. The effective abandonment of Truk as a forward operating base accelerated during the first week of February , following Japanese sightings of U. By the second and third anti-shipping strikes of the day, carrier air group action reports listed the apparent enemy mission as "escape". In fact, some ships sitting 50 feet deep in the ocean can be seen from above the surface.

Indeed, the Japanese destroyer Maikaze managed to fire torpedoes at the battleship New Jersey during the engagement. Marines and wounding another 2, Still others, attempting to flee via the atoll's North Pass, were bottled up by aerial attack and by Admiral Spruance's surface force, Task Group The coral encrusted wrecks attract a diverse array of marine life, including manta raysturtlessharks and corals.

On the left is Pvt. The Japanese had suspected that an attack was coming, having realized that Truk was vulnerable after the Americans captured the nearby Marshall Islands on Feb.

Operation Hailstone lasted for three days, as American carrier-based planes sank twelve smaller Japanese warships light cruisers, destroyers, and auxiliaries and thirty-two merchant ships, while destroying aircraft, mainly on the ground. History[ edit ] At right, a traditionally dressed older Truk man.

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