The happy ending in the story of my life as a truck driver

That breaks down to around 2, miles a week, which equates to miles a day. Relationships are hard for anyone, but especially a trucker. They could also be having a relationship on the side. Many drivers like to move with the light; others prefer to drive through the night.

I have been a vocal fan of Bill's since I met him and it was just him and his one truck. Truckers are paid mostly by the mile, not the hour. Most drivers are expected to covermiles per annum.

During better times, he may have acquired some nice things, that consequently make him look even worse when the poop hits the fan.

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His first reaction was "uh-oh, smoky got someone" but, as it turns out, he was pulling Dee over. I was greeted by Jose, who said "Hello, beautiful, what can I do for you tonight? Carrabis retired over the weekend.

The happy ending in the story of my life as a truck driver

Moore quit long-haul trucking and moved to Midland, Tex. School buses.

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Accurately count all hours. Driving two years.

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8 Facts About the Truck Driver Way of Life