The service dominant logic marketing essay

Alves, Ferreira, and Fernandes state that companies should not only create value proposals, but should also actively assist the customer in co-creating.

Therefore, the last version of Service-Dominant Logic is captured 10 foundational premises. The main problem is the consistency of service performance. The physical atmosphere of a restaurant is based on the customer placement, which consists of the interior, seating, and music, and the social atmosphere is mostly based on the social interactions that take place.

Lusch published their award-winning [2] article Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing in the Journal of Marketing, dealing with a potentially new paradigm for marketing. Besides this, every customer has their own special needs and expectations, which makes a standardization of services quite difficult e.

However, Service dominant logic screens both services and goods by giving attending to relationship between resource planimeters. These services are bought in order to avoid doing them by oneself, which means that the customer explicitly does not want to be involved.

service dominant logic analysis
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Service Dominant Logic of Marketing