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Facile one pot synthesis of zinc oxide nanorods and statistical evaluation for photocatalytic degradation of a diazo dye. Sapana S.

degradation of textile dyes by microorganisms

Madan, Kailas L. Shajeri, H. There is almost no photodegradation in the absence of the catalyst. Zandsalimi, H. Journal of Applied Polymer Science9 Negahdari, A. The assay time for azoreductase activity was standardized, and maximum activity was observed at 24th.

First stage is before addition of dye, second stage is 3 h after addition of the dye during which the dye had completely decolourized, and the third stage is 18 h after the addition of dye.

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Khan, Chin Kui Cheng. Alfarooq O. Shajeri, H. It can be seen that the intensity of the absorption peaks decreased as the reaction progressed with CuWO4-GO as the catalyst. Figure Wasewar, C. Processes , 7 5 , Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering , 5 1 , It can greatly decrease the recombination rate of photogenerated electrons and holes. Antonopoulou, I.

Koh, L.

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Dye Degradation Thesis