Unauthorized practice of law

Still, there is no bright line rule, and this works to the detriment of agents and brokers.

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And with high dollar values on the line, the landscape is a veritable minefield. A UPL proceeding against an unlicensed person proceeds slightly differently.

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So that begs the question — what exactly is the practice of law? Lawyers had a monopoly on information, so they also were, practically speaking, gatekeepers to information as well as advice.

The American Bar Association and the American Law Institute are among the organizations that are concerned with the interests of lawyers as a profession and the promulgation of uniform standards of professionalism and ethics, but regulation of the practice of law is left to the individual states, and their definitions vary.

Meanwhile, law school graduates need to be careful what activities they engage in because they are not yet licensed to practice law.

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Share this:. Anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction knows that buyers, sellers, lessors, and lessees rely on their agents and brokers not only to represent them in the transaction, but also to offer their advice or opinion regarding resulting effects of contracts or actions based on their years of experience and professional insights.

Not so anymore. Playing Captain Obvious. Akinlemibola, 17 MC1Commission no. Lawyers are not the only individuals providing legal information online.

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Law Grads: You Need to Know About the Unauthorized Practice of Law