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The family dynamic has changed significantly in the last 40 years: with increased divorce, single parent households, and blended families the variability for children to be unsupervised allows for increased exposure to violence as well as expressing violence The social commitment of humans towards their community gets ignored for their personal conveniences.

article on lack of moral values in youth

Whatever happens outside the family roof is least mattered to the modern people. The violence by the fanatics are the denial of the fundamental rights of people.

Schools must also focus on imparting moral values to the students by way of good moral stories and lessons rather than merely lecturing them on the same.

essay on declining moral values in youth

Most children are very observant and they copy and learn habits and behaviours of their elder siblings, parents and teachers. Teenagers also commit acts of violence to get their parents' attention. The values and beliefs to which I personally ascribe are undeniably impacted by my upbringing and social environment that I live in.

Lack of moral values in students

Our morals and moral values affect both us and the society around us. By age 14, their basic cognitive skills are substantially similar to what they will be in adulthood, although they lack the experience of adults. Talking ill to the elders — be it our parents, grandparents, relatives or any other elder is considered offensive. The nursing profession requires integrity of its members; that is, a member is expected to do what is considered right regardless of the personal cost One is also taught to bear a good moral character. I do not want to be arms-crossed, and when I turn on my television see far too many tragedies happen that are no longer abnormal. Therefore, it is vital that one comprehends the physical and psychological development that teens survive through the years My personal and professional values are similar but are used differently on a personal and professional level. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. It is we who should inculcate the moral values in our life first. Individuals who possess these qualities are considered to be an asset to the society. The basic moral values like honesty, kindness, respect towards others, helpful mannerism, etc. Importance of Moral Values: Moral values give an aim to life. It began in Italy during the 14th century, and spread throughout the North. One conflict that may arise while working with a client is keeping personal feelings and values separated from the professional role.

It should satisfy your conscious even if it is disadvantageous. The values are and will always be a guide that will allow us to lead us on the right path, so we should reinforce, transmit and commit ourselves to put our values in practice every day.

The nursing profession requires integrity of its members; that is, a member is expected to do what is considered right regardless of the personal cost In addition, identify the values that lead you to pursue a career in social work.

Nowadays, people smoking and drinking and that too in front of their parents and children is a common sight. In earlier times, people were so determined to follow these values inherited from our ancestors. One of the things that the interviewer examines during a job interview is whether the prospective employee bears good moral values.

Lack of values in todays society

Primarily the moral values are the qualities which one gains from life through the journey of life. In physiological terms, maintaining equilibrium and homeostasis is critical in achieving a state of balanced. Those who are devoid of good values do not only spoil their lives as they grow older but are also a threat to the society. Parents and teachers are too busy to inculcate moral values in younger generations. Imbibing Good Moral Values in Students Parents as well as teachers must put in special efforts to help students imbibe good moral values. Moral Values in Office Setting People look forward to individuals with good moral values. Developing a code of ethics has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my values and evaluate how I turn those values into action. Many people go against the society to seek freedom and happiness.
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Essay about The Moral Values Among Youth Today