Why we should go to college

Why we should go to college

It gave me a starting point as I transitioned from everything I had once known. Student Reviews: Know before you go. Better yet, take Intro to Theatre Acting. Find new connections It is your chance to make useful connections when studying at college. This can be the first step in discovering where you fit in the world. It also takes great discipline to distill months of knowledge into a single cram weekend, ending in an energy-drink-fueled dissociative fugue of standardized testing. At worst, they say, "what, you think you're better than us? However, you should consider what your parents are telling you. Meet Your Mom's Expectations You know your mom wants you to go to college. The second graduate likely gets nothing. Going to College Will Provide Valuable Skills: In addition to preparing you for a particular occupation, you can learn valuable skills that can help you succeed in any career. Live a healthier and happier life.

Not only will you have a legitimate excuse to ward off the bummer-fest of chapter reading for a night, but you're a tad more likely to make lasting friends in a club you enjoy than in your TA section for Calculus. However, you should consider what your parents are telling you.

why you should go to college article

Hesitant because no one else in your family has gone to college? Meet new people You are likely to make new friends in your college. Take Classes in Your Pajamas If you go the online school route, you can essentially come to class in your pajamas while chomping down a bowl of Froot Loops.

ten reasons why we should go to school

Financial motivation plays the most important role because all people realize the role of money in this world.

That said, with so many options to look into, college is a good place to explore and start getting some idea of what it is that you might like to do.

15 reasons to go to college

Reinvent Yourself in a New City! Get Involved If you have an interest in politics, you can get involved in Student Government.

Why should i go to college essay

These people have shaped my life tremendously and have helped me grow as a person. From my own experience, I can tell that my diploma from one of the best US universities has made me who I am today. Lots of jobs require the kind of specialized training that only a college program can give, from vocational programs to doctorates. That second student, to be clear, has done nothing wrong. Enough said. Don't be nervous, be the first! Here are six compelling reasons to get a degree and three equally valid reasons that college may not be right for you, at least not yet. Consider the pros and cons of going to college. Start Fresh Sometimes you just need a fresh start in life. Do you plan to go to college, take a gap year, start a training program, begin working or something else?

Unlike high school graduates, these people can get better social help. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to have employer-provided health insurance.

Why go to college article

Have Some Fun Sometimes I get a little sad thinking that college was the best time of my life. Join Some Clubs It's good to have hobbies to break up the monotony of study, and college is a veritable cornucopia of extracurricular special interests. Don't be nervous, be the first! Image Students learning technical and manufacturing skills as part of a high school program in San Antonio. Many community colleges have technical programs that train students for specific careers. As compared to your high school, college life is not a piece of cake. Either way, who comes out on top? Your typing program's Grammar Check function is far from failsafe, and your manager at Future High Paying Job will appreciate an employee who can express himself in reports without sounding like a walking text message. Without going to college, it will be impossible to enter the field. Interviews: Professors and deans sit down with our team to give you unique insights on college life. If you aspire to a supervisory position, you will learn people management skills, and if a creative or entrepreneurial career is part of your plans, classes that teach business skills may be available. You will make somebody so proud! Student Reviews: Know before you go. Through participating in group projects, you will acquire soft skills like verbal and written communication, interpersonal , time management, critical thinking , and problem solving skills. What did you gain most from the experience?

About Education Do you still lack reasons to obtain a college or university degree? Taking a Variety of Classes Will Expose You to Other Career Options: Since many schools expect students to have a rounded education, you will have to take classes outside your major.

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10 Reasons to Go to College, Backed by Data