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Timeline of events The journey to the decision to go live on November 5 was not unlike that experienced by other companies that have followed a similar path. So bad was the financial reporting, National Grid lost its ability to access short-term borrowing financial vehicles based upon its inability to provide satisfactory financial reports.

This success story is a great testimony to how Wipro is leveraging AWS for innovating and reimagining its internal business platforms and processes in the digital era.

While there are many questions left to be answered about the botched SAP implementation that almost brought down National Grid, one thing is sure. When you start a large project like the implementation of a SAP system, you have to take responsibility and make sure that you as an organization are ready and committed to it.

It also includes restricting access to instances using a combination of security groups and network access control lists ACLand leverage SSL off-loading, reverse proxy, caching, and sticky sessions on the load balancer. We believe that this settlement will be commercially beneficial for us and will help us remain focused on growth.

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Were risk assessments performed?

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