World literature essay bibliography

Scope of world literature

Includes sections on specialized works i. New York: M. Use the writing process to best advantage. Toronto: Aya Press, The translations of traditional Chinese poems written by Korean women are published side by side with the original Chinese characters. Works of criticism are only included if they contain a substantial amount of translation. Renditions paperbacks Shatin, N. Fifty-two poets from the thirteenth century to the present are represented with side-by-side translations of the original poems. The poetry is divided into twelve sections by theme, with an artistic photograph or drawing introducing each section. All the poems are by twentieth-century writers, and there is biographical information on each poet at the end.

Eighteen poets from the late nineteenth century to the present are represented in this collection. London: Heinemann, Originally presented in dialogue as a play by Linthwaite, she re-ordered the poems for publication so that the poetic voice moves from youth to old age.

Potter, London: Quartet, This collection includes one story from each of twenty- three authors, all published since Prose selections by six twentieth-century authors preceded by biographical notes. The introduction offers a discussion of feminist poetry and gives an historical context for the forty-five authors.

World literature essay bibliography

The reason we call it world literature is that it is vast, so also are its writer. Samples of the poetry and prose of eight Russian women from the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Each author is introduced with a photo and substantial biographical notes. Fifty-two poets from the thirteenth century to the present are represented with side-by-side translations of the original poems. However, genres differ across cultures. Presents poems of fourteen contemporary women writers. Edited and translated by Diana Velez. Edited and with an introduction by Angel Flores and Kate Flores. Edited by Pamela Mordecai and Betty Wilson. Many of the works were originally written in English, but the translated works are included in their original language versions as well. Biographical information provided for each author. Edited and translated by H. Edited by Illona Linthwaite.

Miller; introduction by Kathleen Ross. Edited by Eva Hung. This is a translation of the Russian publication: Rossiia Glazami Zhenshchin, and is designed to accompany the original work, with parallel layout of the text to aid students of Russian.

topics in world literature

Edited by Yukiko Tanaka. Translated and edited by Helena Goscilo. Armonk, NY: M.

Uses of reading world literature

It covers virtually all printed materials published in the U. The preface discusses the thematic ideas of the literature, and the introduction explores the problems inherent with the translating process. Preface includes a discussion of criteria for selection of works and the opening chapter provides an historical introduction to the background and social conditions of women during this time period. Pittsburgh: Cleis Press, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, Some works were originally written in English, but most are translations. After you have some idea of the quality and quantity of research materials available, and the significant issues within that topic area, create a research question that will guide your search for information. Works of eighteen twentieth-century authors are presented in this anthology. Translated by Nilufer Mizanoglu Reddy. Selected, edited, with an introduction by Myra Glazer; with drawings by Shirley Faktor. The electronic database contains more than , records, from through to today with regular monthly updates of newly indexed material. Edited by Mary Crow. The introduction gives a brief historical context, and notes on the translators are provided at the end.
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