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This can widen the scope of the band and let fans explore each individual character. It should give an interesting snapshot of you, your music and your achievements.

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Make it engaging, and concise. Go more in depth in the second paragraph. But to get people interested in your music in the first place, you need to physically put yourself out there. Covers lots of bases, plenty of variety, and written in a very accessible style. But once you have it all in place, edit mercilessly. When creating an info musician email address, it is probably best to use This will help you shape a sentence or two as an introduction. Add what you sound like, then your influences. Point form is fine! If your band is made up entirely of brothers and cousins, mention that! This will create a hub for your fanbase and keep your information succinct.

It is a resume. Feel free to include images and video links alongside your text.

short musician bio example

Made me want to see you perform. In my bio, I talk about: Growing up in Japan, and how I came to love manga, video games, artwork, and J-pop.

Even better: describe your musical aesthetic without falling back on other artists. If you went on a trip across the country on a train in search of yourself and ended up reuniting with your long-lost songwriting partner, mention that!

I also think this last sentence is a bit too unsubstantiated and generally sounds less professional than the rest.

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Singers can use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to showcase their talents. Up to date information Always update your bio page and EPK with any new projects, releases, collaborations, or upcoming tours.

Your Instagram bio needs to have a purpose that is relevant to you.

how to write a band bio for a press kit
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How To Write A Great Musician Bio By Yourself [With Examples]