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Listen for sound patterns and special effects in the language that make this book one of their favorites.

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After everyone has shared, ask your students to describe how families are different. It is a great organizational skill and also fosters creative thinking.

Continuing a Story Sit at the table with your family.

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You may want to write it down, and enjoy reading it later. Lists Grocery lists, shopping lists, things-to-do lists- making lists is a lifetime activity. In a book review, you ask questions: What is the book about? Walk the students through some of the pictures. What else should I include? Back When Have them label the individuals in their drawings. Remind students to share specific details, like how the family members help each other, what events they participate in together, and any specific places or details special to their family. Give suggestions to your students about what they could draw. Perhaps he or she can read each step as you go along. Encourage them to mention the things they did, all the people involved, and any other details they can think of. Then, they switch again. Be sure to journal through a weekend too. You can either decide on a common starting sentence, or just create your own individual story starter.

Refrigerator Kiosk Discuss with your students what family means to them. Later, as you and your child read the story again, you may feel new appreciation for the author who carefully crafted all these smooth-reading sentences. Independent working time 20 minutes Have your students pick 4 people to describe with words and photos.

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Another names a word that could describe the tree- leafy. Allow their partners to make suggestions.

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You may want to write it down, and enjoy reading it later.

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Family Writing Activities