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There was a general recognition that a minimum age for cannabis use would have value as a "societal marker," establishing cannabis use as an activity for adults only, at an age at which responsible and individual decision-making is expected and respected. There is a developing body of research looking at the opportunity to use.

Social sanctions define whether and how a particular drug should be used, and can be informal or formal laws and policies. Read the below answer for an explanation.

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In our discussions with experts, governments and others, strong support emerged for this public health approach, which includes: A focus on reducing harm and promoting health at the population level; Targeted interventions for high-risk individuals and practices; A concern with fairness; An evidence-based approach.

Factors described above were included in the model.

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This is a win-win possibility for athletes. So I generally moderate my usage to a certain level. Setting the frame The mandate entrusted to us was to design a framework with new rules that would define and set the parameters for how Canadians access cannabis in the future.

Capacity: Canada's governments will need to move swiftly to increase or create capacity in many areas relating to the production and sale of cannabis.

This is of benefit not just to the user but also to those around them who would otherwise be subject to second-hand smoke. We excluded potential participants who self-reported problems with or treatment for alcohol or other drugs in the year prior to the interview to ensure participants were primary cannabis users.

We just recommend focusing on the positive aspects of the new role.

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Responsible and controlled use: Older cannabis users and harm reduction