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Figure 2 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint Strategies for closing the listening gap.

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Between these three points on the triangle, three types of marketing must be successfully carried out for a service to succeed: external marketing, interactive marketing, and internal marketing. In the mids she led the development of the W.

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A final issue in provider gap 3 is the need in service firms to synchronize demand and capacity. Empathy Caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers.

In some cases, technology can serve as a substitute for employees, and actually deliver the service to the customer without any need for human interaction.

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This might mean managing customer expectations relative to new business realities, often in the form of managing expectations downward when a service previously provided is discontinued or when prices for similar services must be increased. The model suggests that closing this gap by matching or exceeding customer expectations will result in the achievement of service quality from the customer's perspective. The key strategies for closing gap 3 are depicted in Figure 4. Unless service employees are able and willing to deliver on the promises made, the firm will not be successful, and the services triangle will collapse. Given the importance of physical evidence and its potentially powerful influence on both customers and employees, it is important for firms to think strategically about the design and management of the tangible evidence of service. Journal of Service Research, 3, — A fourth difficulty associated with provider gap 3 involves the challenge in delivering service through such intermediaries as retailers, franchisees, agents, brokers, subcontractors, and outsourcers. Because firms often provide service through intermediaries, they must develop ways to either control or motivate these intermediaries to meet company goals and perform as well as their own employees. To reduce this gap the organization needs to clearly define and communicate what the customer's role entails — in essence, the customer's job description. Work sponsored by the Marketing Science Institute suggests that corporate strategies focused on customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and service quality may actually be more profitable than strategies focused on cost cutting or strategies that attempt to do both simultaneously Rust, Moorman, and Dickson, An organization that hires the right people and trains and develops them to deliver service quality must also work to retain them. Tangibles Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials. Standards signal to contact personnel what the management priorities are and which types of performance really count. Each of these gaps involves concepts and tools designed to minimize the gaps, and these were discussed in this article.

He specialises in the marketing of services and has a PhD in the subject. The text starts by introducing the reader to the key foundations for service marketing by introducing services Chapter 1 and understand- ing the customer, in terms of behaviour Chapter 2expectations Chapter 3 and percep- tions Chapter 4.

At its most basic level, the logic of the model suggests that the customer gap is a function of any one or all of the four provider gaps.

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On the other hand, capacity is frequently underutilized in service companies during slow periods. Franchisers of services depend on their franchisees to execute service delivery as they have specified it. Zeithaml is the David S. Services marketing is about promises made and promises kept to customers. Related streams of research have developed in parallel to study service encounters, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and their relationships with service quality. These extended service experiences often change over time, varying from the original service promise as a result of business realities for either the provider or the customer that change the nature of the service, customer needs that change over time, and financial pressures that may cause increases in pricing or adjustments to the service contract. Before joining the university, he was a senior consultant and executive trainer within the services division of a London-based marketing consultancy practice and prior to that an Associate Director of a leading London-based marketing research agency. This gap focuses on the difference between service delivery and what is communicated externally to customers through advertising, pricing, and other forms of communications. Critical incidents research, in which a customer recalls and discusses both satisfying and unsatisfying experiences with a service provider and its employees, is particularly useful in examining and improving service encounters. They are a useful revision tool and can also be used by your lecturer as assignments or practice examination questions. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Use this list as a starting point for your read- ing for assignments or class preparation.

The stronger the firm's relationship with its customers, the better is the firm's ability to listen to customers and thus close the listening gap.

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